Research Labs for Lease

At Yild Technical Spaces, we understand that you do the science, but you might need help with the space. Finding, fitting out, and maintaining laboratory and technical spaces can be a logistical nightmare that delays your research and comes with significant expenses.

To help you start quickly, remain agile, and accelerate your research, Yild offers a range of research labs for lease across Australia. Affordable, flexible, fully serviced and fully equipped, our world-class labs are designed to help your start-up venture or established enterprise thrive.

Our state-of-the-art laboratories are situated in turnkey facilities where every detail is taken care of. We offer spaces suited to all kinds of scientific research, including both wet labs and dry labs, as well as clean rooms and a range of common spaces.

Fully fitted with premium shelving, lab furniture, gowning lobbies, pressure-controlled spaces, fume extraction, and more, your lab can be fully customised for your computer-assisted or life science research.

Yild does not ask for any interest or investment in your IP, technology, or company. You can rent our research labs for lease for as little as a few weeks, and you can get started with minimal entry costs.

24 hour access

Fully equipped

Free wi-fi

To get started with research labs for lease in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, contact us today.

Rent Research Labs For Students

Yild’s highly technical spaces are ideal for research in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, biotech, and material science sectors, to name just a few. As well as this, our facilities are perfect for use as teaching labs. With flexible rental terms, our rental labs are designed to suit students of all levels.

Rent Research Labs For University Students

Partner with Yild to rent research labs for university students and expose your students to science entities from across Australia’s dynamic scientific sector. Yild’s laboratory facilities are highly collaborative environments with multiple tenants working across the space. This exposure to working professionals would be invaluable for university science students.

Centrally Located Research Labs for Lease with a Full Range of Amenities

Yild’s research labs are ideally located in capital cities across Australia! Every facility also features common areas including meeting rooms, kitchens, breakout areas, emergency showers, and onsite parking.

To get started with research labs, contact us today and enquire about pricing and rental options.